Saturday, 25 June 2016

Do you Accept Cards?


If you have seen the machine in the picture, See in more depth here.


It is one that lets you accept cards throughout your premises and is known as a Bluetooth and it sends information between the handset & the cradle which then uses Ethernet or Phone line to authorise payment. 

The majority of people who use this type of machine are Cafes or Takeaway’s which need this sort of machine since they must allow people to use cards whilst either sitting at their table or over a counter. However, it can be used by other types of trades. 

The kind which is mostly used by people who must take cards on the go  is called a Mobile GPRS. This only needs  a connectivity with a network. It can be used anywhere outside where there is a network signal so you can accept cards across the United Kingdom and you will not require a landline.

Last but not least is a Desktop that is for those who need to accept cards at their tills using a power point and an internet or phone connection.

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